Product Information

Finally! The Vacuum Cleaner… for Outdoors

Think of all the ways you use your various vacuums indoors. Now, isn’t it about time someone manufactured a vacuum for the great OUTdoors? Leaves are so blasé. How about hedge clippings, sweet gum balls, mulch, broken glass, window wells? You get the picture-there are no shortage of ways to use a great vacuum—outdoors.

Billy Goat’s new MultiVac creates the standard by which all outdoor vacuums will now be measured.

We began by listening to what customers wanted: Zipperless bags, easy empty bags, rear wheel drive system, and suction to spare.

The new MultiVac delivers. Billy Goat engineers started with a rear wheel drive and top-fill design. From there they added an adjustable intake, three-speed transmission, a 32-gallon zipperless bag, and a quality Honda engine.

Lawn Thatch Removal
Leaf & Debris Removal
Litter Removal

Power All Models Honda Powered GSV 190
Fuel Capacity All Models 1.16 Qt.
Unit weight MV650SPH 179 lbs
Self- Propelled MV650SPH 3-speed transmission
1st: 1.2 MPH (1.9 KMH)
2nd: 1.7 MPH (2.7 KMH)
3rd: 2.2 MPH (3.5 KMH)
Intake size 29 inches
Wheels (Front) 14 inch diameter, 2.5 inches wide, Semi-Pneumatic
Impeller Robotically welded ¼ inch armor plate steel 6 bladed
Bag 40 gallons, 40 to 80 pounds of debris.
Length 61.5 inches
Height (Handle) 47.5 inches
Overall Width 29 inches


Adjustable, Remote Intake Door - Opens large enough to inhale leaves five inches deep and closes down to create high lift velocity for dense, heavy debris on hard surfaces

Zipperless Bag - Easy In / Easy Out design makes the zipper obsolete!

14” Custom Wheels - Smooths out the rough areas and makes the vacuum maneuverable

Large Capacity - 40 gallon capacity holds up to 50 pounds of debris before emptying

Unique Top-Fill Design - Keeps dust out of operator’s face and ensures optimum filling

3 Speed Transmission – self-propelled only Ultra-smooth and extremely durable

Micro-adjustable Height Control - Crank style for optimum performance on turf or hard surfaces

Optional Extra's

Optional On-Board Hose Kit - Over 10-foot, reach those hard to reach areas

Caster kit - Allows more maneuverability, for hard surface only

Disposable liners - Fill the liner and drop it off at the curb-not biodegradable.

Felt Bag - Keeps dust to a minimum

MV Liner Kit - Decrease wear on housing interior with this easy to install liner kit.