Product Information

Chain harrowing has long since been regarded as one of the most efficient ways of promoting grass growth. Scarifying the soil around the grass, pulling out weeds, moss, aerating the soil, breaking up sods and surface crusting, improving moisture and herbicide adsorption resulting in stimulation of new growth reducing the need for chemical fertiliser

Excellent for ripping out moss, spreading manure, and levelling molehills.Root aeration; for better water infiltration and growth Surface levelling in equestrian centres, race tracks, and running tracks Strong robust design ensures long life and minimum maintenance.


Model Code
Approx weight
BP 500
1.22 Metre (4ft) X 1.65 Metre (5.5ft) Deep. 80 Tine points, Trailed c/w weights
BP 501
1.83 Metre (6ft) X 2.3 Metre (7.5 ft) Deep. 140 Tine points, Trailed one piece
75 Kgs
BP 502
2.44 Metre (8ft) X 2.3 Metre (7.5ft) Deep. 200 Tine points, Trailed one piece
100 Kgs