Product Information

What makes Connix different? It’s wireless – no need to plug in!

It’s wireless – no need to plug in, it connects to the driver controls without those annoying wires that are always in the way.

''How does it power up?'' We hear you ask - It’s rechargeable! Charge for 4 hours for 10 hours of bright light.

It’s magnetic – Swap between vehicles and machinery in a matter of seconds. And the best bit is that you don’t need any tools to attach it.

It’s multi-functional - You can use Connix as rear lighting, indicators, brake lights or to illuminate your number plate.

It’s made for the farm – Long lasting and extremely durable. Connix was created with farmers in mind. 

4 available functions: Brake / Tail / Indicator / Number Plate

Contains: 1 x LH Rear Light, 1 x RH Rear Light & 1 x Transmitter 

Volts: 12/24V

Battery on standby
20 Hours
Battery type
3.7V, 2000mAh lithium battery
Bulb type
Charging time
4 Hours
Digital (2.4GHz Wireless)
ECE Reg 10, E-Approved, CE RoHS
IP Rating
Maximum transmitting distance meters
Troubleshooting for Connix™ 
1. Ensure 7 pin transmitter is firmly fitted into the 7 pin socket. 
2. Ensure antenna is fitted to the 7 pin transmitter correctly and securely. 
3. Ensure the electrics and lights on vehicle are fully functional and in good working orders. 
4. Check Connix™ light battery is fully charged 
5. Ensure Connix™ is paired to the correct 7 pin transmitter. If in doubt, repeat the pairing process, refer to user manual. 
6. If Connix™ is showing any sign of damage, replace if required. 
7. Always consult your vehicle owner’s manual on compatibility with trailer lighting. 
8. Ensure LH (left), RH (right) lights are positioned and fitted correctly on the vehicle.
Run time
10 Hours Rear Light, 10 Hours Number Plate, 3 Hours Indicator, 3 Hours Brake
Temperature range