Ecolite-T Diesel Portable Lighting Tower

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The Ecolite range of mobile lighting towers were developed in the Maldon, Essex, workshop through years of customer feedback and in partnership with a number of industry experts. Since its award-winning launch at the 2007 Essex Business Awards for Innovation, it has gone from strength to strength, finding use in construction, infrastructure, film production and events.

Please Note : This is used but in excellent condition. Ex Environment Agency, very little use - only 200hrs.

The diesel engine at its core hides its serious eco credential: it was built from the start to reduce running costs and CO2 footprint without compromising on performance. The highly-efficient diesel-powered battery system is supported by equally-efficient lights, developed as part of an exclusive partnership with a world-leading lamp designer.

The superior performance of CDM lighting results in a massive saving in fuel costs using only 0.5 litres of diesel an hour. This equates to a saving of up to 85% against conventional light towers!

The tower is designed to be easy and safe to use. The lamps can be easily adjusted from ground level with a single person, while the fully-hydraulic mast can be operated simply with the push of a button. Safety features such as adjustable stabilised legs, and automatic mast lowering (AMOSS) ensure that the lighting tower is correctly used and reduces the risk of accident.

As a rental company, ease of servicing was a major factor in the design, and we operate our own maintenance facilities to keep our fleet, and our customers’, working to the highest efficiency.

Like all Ecolites, the Ecolite-T can be fitted with Prismatic Lens Technology lamps which make the most effective use of every lumen produced. Known light patterns allow for reduced glare, minimising light pollution and making them perfect for the urban environment.

All Ecolite Diesel models are available with two lighting options: CDM (Ceramic Discharge Metal-halide) and low-energy LED. Both options consume considerably less power than conventional lighting options. Contact us now to understand which would be the best solution for your site.


  • AMOSS fitted as standard (Automatic Mast Operating System)
  • Permanently fitted lamps
  • Low glare lamps
  • Four jack leg system
  • Streamline mast design
  • Ballast housed within lamp assembly
  • Auxillary power available 110v cte for UK or 220v
  • Fitted axle braking system
  • Electrical emergency stop
  • Towing stability


  • Energy efficient luminaries providing massive fuel savings (Through the exclusive partnership with world leading lamp designer)
  • Lamps are easily adjustable by the average person standing on the ground
  • Fully hydraulic single axis mast using Eco-Friendly water based hydraulic system
  • Mechanical fail safe AMOSS mast safety system
  • 9.1m 350 degree rotating mast with simple push button operation
  • Ease of service a key factor of internal design
  • Fully adjustable stabiliser legs - unit can be levelled for use on uneven ground.
  • Auxillary power take of available 220v or 110v
  • Daisy chain or mains plug in as standard
  • Fits across the width of average plant transport vehicle


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