Product Information

The STIHL RE 109 compact power washers can be used for cleaning jobs around the house and garden including washing your patio and car. Quick release couplings reduce setup times massively, by allowing quick and easy attachment of the high-pressure hose. An aluminium telescopic handle and hinged front cover with integrated nozzle storage make transportation and storage of the RE 109 power washer seamless. The rotary nozzle provides a concentrated power output over a large area, whilst the fan-jet boasts variable pressure allowing larger areas to be cleaned quickly and more efficiently. The STIHL RE 109 power washer makes those tough cleaning jobs much easier. All STIHL pressure washers come with a 3-year domestic warranty. For more information contact your local approved STIHL dealer.










Aluminium pump head

Constructed from aluminium, the high-pressure pump with stainless steel pistons is particularly resilient and durable.

Aluminium telescopic handle

The high quality, extendable telescopic handle makes transporting the pressure washer more comfortable and makes for more compact storage.

Foldable front cover with nozzle storage

The fold out front cover reveals a convenient storage area for both the fan and rotary nozzles. Situated at the front of the washer, the nozzles are always easy to access.

Quick release coupling at high pressure output

Quick and easy attachment of the high-pressure hose greatly reduces setup times.

Anti-drill and quick release coupling

The anti-drill and quick release coupling prevent tangling of the high-pressure hose, making it possible to use its full length.

Rotary nozzle

The rotor nozzle provides concentrated cleaning power with large area output. It has a powerful pencil jet in a rapidly rotating motion.

Fan-jet nozzle, variable pressure

With the variable pressure fan jet nozzle, larger areas are cleaned quickly and effectively, with control over the pressure to suit different tasks

Accessory holder

To ensure that no accessories are lost, the cleaners are equipped with practical holders for storing the wash brushes, detergent bottle and high-pressure hose.

Induction motor

The high-quality induction motor offers superb performance with low noise and long service life

Technical Data

Power output kW


Operating pressure bar


Max. water supply temperature °C


Weight kg 1)


Power cable length m


High-pressure hose length m


Sound pressure level dB(A) 2)


Sound power level dB(A) 2)


Engine speed min-1


Mains voltage V/Hz


1) Complete, ready for use 
2) K factor according to DIR2006/42/EC=1.5(dB(A))