Product Information

Economy Mounted Range Harrows

To complement the gap between our Trailed Single Tine Heavy Grass Harrow and our Mounted Chain Harrows, we now offer the Economy Mounted Range. Still incorporating the same Heavy Grass Specification Tine Mat (12mm Dia X 65mm long), as our other versions the flat pack frame comes with Cat. 1 Linkage Points and is finished in black matt quality paint, it is simple to erect or dismantle for storage when not required. Manufactured to the standard high standards these new designs have significant cost savings making an attractive alternative for the smallholder market.



They come in three mat sizes:
Model Code Dimension
BP 500 ME
1.22 MTR wide(4ft) X 1.68 MTR (5.5ft) Deep
BP 555 ME
1.53 MTR wide(5ft) X 1.68 MTR (5.5ft) Deep
BP 501 ME
1.83 MTR (6ft) X 1.68 MTR (5.5ft) Deep