Vitax 50-50 Liquid Fertilizer

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50 – 50 Liquid Feeds

Low cost, fast acting liquid fertilisers developed for use on sports and amenity turf. Foliar and root absorption reduces the risk of leaching and ensures that nutrients are taken up by the plants. Available in a range of non-scorch formulations, 50-50 fertilisers are ideal for use in dry conditions, on newly laid turf and freshly germinated seed.

Analyses available include:


High Nitrogen only liquid fertiliser for Spring and Summer use and for areas with adequate phosphate and potash


High Nitrogen Spring and Summer liquid fertiliser plus phosphate and potash


High potash Autumn and Winter liquid fertiliser

50-50 MiNT (Micronutrient Tonic)

Maintain your turf in MiNT condition

Micronutrients are vital for turf health, growth and colour. Vitax 50-50 MiNT is a balanced and concentrated micronutrient treatment for sports turf that is very safe but powerful in action. Designed for convenient foliar application, from early Spring to late Autumn, VitaX 50-50 MiNT is readily absorbed by foliage, thus avoiding lock-up in the soil or substrate.

Micronutrients have huge effect on chlorophyl production, enzyme and protein synthesis and on systemic disease resistance. Vitax MiNT contains all essential trace elements and magnesium plus soluable humic acids to increase micronutrient availability and uptake into the plant cells.

Application guide

Apply Vitax 50-50 MiNT at 3l per ha (30ml/100 sq m)

Pack sizes


50-50 Liquid Iron (7% Fe)

Supplied as a concentrated liquid, 50-50 Liquid Iron promotes dark green turf appearance and toughens the sward to improve wear and disease resistance.

Economical to use all year round and suitable for use on fairways and sports pitches, 50-50 Liquid Iron provides pH reduction at the soil surface.


Apply at 30l per ha (300ml/100 sq m)

50 – 50 Soluble Iron

An economical, easy to apply fertiliser that produces dark green turf and toughens the sward to promote disease resistance. Its low cost means it is ideal for treating fairways and sports pitches, particularly before major tournaments or when the highest level aesthetics are required.

The product contains ferrous sulphate heptahydrate for greening sports and amenity turf, but is nitrogen and potash-free, making it suitable for year-round use.

Pack Size: 4 KG


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