Husqvarna Automower Boundary Wire Break Detector

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Husqvarna Cable Tracker. The kit consists of a transmitter (tone generator) that is connected to the loop wire that needs to be tested, and a receiver that monitors the signal received. Easy to use! Delivered as a kit with a carrying case.


To use this effectively there are a few tips.

1. unclip both sides of the perimeter wire from the base station, and clip one crocodile on to the "AL" wire ( it does not matter whether you use the red or black, do not clip onto the base station ).

2. earth the tone sender box ( clip the second clip from it to a small screwdriver, or otherwise, pushed in the ground ).

3. to find the perimeter wire, do not dig it up ( it just makes more work ) - gently lever into the soil with a long, flat screwdriver and when you meet resistance that will normally be the perimeter wire then carefully move the soil and grass away so that at least 1 inch of wire is visible and not touching dirt. Do not pull / stretch / stress the wire as this can cause more problems.

4. the fastest method for testing : First test should be done half way round the perimeter. If you have a tone do the second test 3/4 of the way round the garden, and test half of the remaining perimeter each time. moving forwards towards the base station.

If no tone move back to 1/4 way round the garden perimeter, and keep reducing the length  tested as you move back towards the base station with each test.

The video below shows the tester being used.


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