45-0299 Agri-Fab Towed Plug Aerator 48"

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The Agri-Fab 45-0299 plug aerator will remove ¾" diameter soil plugs from the lawn allowing compacted soil to loosen up in addition to the benefits provided by a spike aerator. Best used in spring or late autumn for easily compacted soil like clay, heavy traffic areas, and drought damaged lawns. Up to 80kg/175lbs of weight can be added to the weight trays.

Featuring a working width of 48", the Agri-Fab 45-0299 has 32 heat-treated pints, 4 per spool. Of rugged construction, it has an aeration depth up to 3". The aerator knives are galvanized for rustproof durability. Transportation between working areas is aided by the metal spools being raised from the ground by a single lever, which is accessible from the tractor seat. A recent improvement comes in the shape of run flat tyres which eliminates the chance of a puncture.

Supplied with a universal hitch pin, the Agri-Fab plug aerator is suitable for towing behind all makes of ride-on lawn mower.



32 heavy galvanised knives (4 per spool) penetrate the soil easily


Run flat tyres mean no punctures


Easy Transport

Transport handle for easy raising and lowering of the aerator knivesfrom the operator's seat


    • 48" weight tray holds up to 80kg (175lbs) for increased soil penetration

    • Up to 3" aeration depth

    • Hitch pin included

Agri-fab 5 year warranty


Agri-Fab products are covered by a five year limited manufacturer's warranty.


Brand: Agri-Fab
Working Width: 106cm / 42"
Blades: 32 heat-treated pints, 4 per spool
Aeration Depth: Up to 3"
Soil Plug Diameter: ¾"
Weight Tray Capacity: 79kg / 185lbs
Tyres: Solid run flat
Dimensions: 35" x 60" x 36"
Shipping Dimensions: 127cm x 43cm x 20cm / 49.9" L x 16.9" W x 8" H
Weight: 42kg




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