BLEC Cultipack Seeder

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Blec Cultipac Seeder for sale as new (1 hours work from new)

The BLEC Cultipack Seeder has a world renowned reputation for it’s well proven seeding system.

A BLEC Cultipack Seeder has front notched ring rollers crush lumps, making small pockets in the soil, the seed is spread accurately across the full width of the machine – not drilled in lines, the rear set of rollers split the shallow ridges, covering up the seeds in the top 12mm of soil. Surface disturbance is kept to a minimum.
A fast and effective way of seeding all areas, the low ground pressure exerted by the Cultipack Seeder makes it particularly effective on sensitive ground.

• Well proven seeding method
• Accurate seeding system
• Highly manoeuvrable and easy
to use
• Eliminates the problem of tyre
marks as on tractor mounted
• Seeding output of up to 5,000m2
per hour

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