Product Information

The Fleming Sitrex Fertilizer Spreaders are made with the highest quality of materials. They undergo an intense painting process which includes degreasing, then painted with anti-rust, coated with anti-corrosive paint and finally dried at 120 degrees Celsius. This provides the Fleming Sitrex Fertilizer Spreaders with improved durability and a longer life.


335L / 315kg (FS300)

450L / 450kg (FS500)

Spreading disc with 4 fins

Finished with an epoxy varnish, baked at 120deg for longer life

4 adjustable spinner fins

Spreaders are treated with rust inhibitor and coated with anti-corrosive paint

Attachment available for spreading dry salt and sand. Optional cover Please note the Spare Parts List for these machines can be found in the Specification section.


Suitable for compact and small horsepower tractors Intense painting process which allows for a longer period of life and durability Can be used for spreading rice, wheat, cereals, dry salt and sand Optional Agitator available