STIHL ADVANCE ProCOM Ear Muffs ( for Helmets )

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Innovative conference system for comfortable communication even in noisy surroundings

Enables direct connections with up to 16 headsets and a range of up to 600 m Simple operating logic through intelligent button assignment

Connection with smartphone to make phone calls and listen to music

Recording of master information with the help of the STIHL wood list app

STIHL's new ADVANCE PROCOM system marks a huge step forward in the arborist communication space. This innovative mesh intercom system allows up to 16 headsets to communicate comfortably & efficiently while working, even in noisy, wet, dirty conditions.

While ear defender intercoms have existed for years now, no headset has had such a rich feature set at a competitive price. The STIHL ADVANCE PROCOM brings leading intercom technology to the professional arborist & groundcare industry.

Working with industry experts STIHL developed these headsets to be a true no compromises solution to tree care communication. This is evident with features like active noise cancellation. When working unpleasant engine noise is almost completely cancelled, however, if you choose, the headset can automatically switch to transparency mode when it detects you've stopped using the saw/machine. This allows you to hear as if you weren't wearing hearing protection. One of our favorite features is the ability to listen and speak at the same time. Standard features are also included such as Bluetooth phone pairing for making phone calls or streaming music, & FM Radio with up to 10 presets

Working on a Mesh network, the range between two devices is up to 600 meters, but each headset acts as an amplifier and increases the network's overall range, allowing communication over much longer distances as long as a headset is always in range of another in the system.  Groups allow different teams to communicate within the same system, and private groups allow you to prevent unauthorised personnel from listening in.

The headsets feature high-capacity lithium-ion batteries to allow up to 17 hours of runtime, depending on the features used. All functions are controllable from the optional app.

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