Fleming trailed fertiliser spreader Fleming FSC180TPL

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The Fleming trailed ATV fertiliser spreader is lightweight and compact. As a result the Fleming FSC180TPL fertiliser spreader is ideal for paddocks, sports pitches and gardens. The speed of the towing vehicle determines the spread width.  A Fleming FSC180TPL is ideal for quads, UTVs, small tractors and other compact machines which don’t have a PTO shaft. It has an easy to reach lever to adjust the spread volume. This fertiliser spreader is easy to use.

It is a versatile spreader perfect for hobby small holdings and equestrian units for instance. This trailed quad spreader is capable of spreading granulated fertiliser,  with THE OPTION OF AN ATTACHMET FOR SAND AND DRY SALT. This means that the trailed spreader is useful all year round.

  • Heavy duty UV protected plastic hopper
  • Spinner and vanes made from stainless steel for longer life
  • 4 adjustable spreading vanes
  • Rigid axle and gearbox
  • Frame treated with rust inhibitor and finished with epoxy varnish
  • Galvanised shutter plate
  • Lever is easy to reach from seat of quad
  • 50mm tow hitch
  • 180 Litre Hopper

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