Product Information

Designed for semi professional and domestic applications, the GTM Professional GTS900 is a powerful garden chipper with a capacity to chip branches up to 80mm in diameter. The chipping mechanism is a drum on which two blades are mounted. Branches are easily drawn in and chipped, and safety is ensured thanks to the emergency stop feature.

The GTM Professional GTS900 is powered by a high performance 9hp Loncin engine and the large 400mm wheels and handle enable easy transportation.

  • Simple and effective two blade system
  • Continuous improvement
  • Conforms with the latest safety standards
  • Gravity fed resulting in higher working speed
  • User friendly with only two blades to turn, sharpen or replace
  • High output with no need for a fan
  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuver, transport and handle
  • Can fit through gate posts or any narrow access points in your garden
  • Chips have a variety of uses, such as bedding for pets, flower beds, walk paths and kindling

GTM stands for Green Technology Machinery. "Green" not just points to the green sector of a garden or park, but also to the environmental and durable character of its products. 

GTM Professional's range of compact and powerful wood chippers are designed to offer a portable option to chipping branches and crops - perfect for tree care, landscaping, forestry and garden maintenance.

Efficient, effective and safe to operate due to their chipping system - a rotor with two blades, one counter blade and ejection through a large discharge chute. The system pulls branches up to 1cm thick into the machine, chips them and ejects clean cut wood chips time after time. The chipped material is ideal to use as mulch or compost.

Brand: GTM Professional
Engine: Loncin
Engine Model: GTE270
Displacement: 270cc
Power: 6.6kW
Horsepower: 9hp
Start Method: Recoil
Transmission: Belt drive
Fuel Tank Capacity: 5.3L
Cutting System: Drum & Blade
Blades: 2
Branch Diameter Max: 80mm
Hopper: 25cm x 25cm opening
Feed Height: 105cm
Output: 138cm high
Output Deflector: Adjust continuously to 80°
Safety Features: Emergency stop
Wheel Size: 390mm with ball bearings
Dimensions: L: 125cm x W: 67cm x H: 138cm
Weight: 132kg
Warranty: 2 years