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Our largest back battery has an outstanding capacity (31.5 Ah) for the highest possible productivity and the longest driving time. Robust construction for professional work outdoors, every day and in all weather. LED indicators on the battery provide information on the exact charge level in percent which facilitates the planning of the work. Ergonomic harness enables perfect individual adjustment and it is easy to loosen the battery from the harness, which means that many can share the battery without changing the harness.


Perfect fit

The ergonomic harness can be adjusted for all body sizes, which reduces the load on the back and shoulders.

Battery level control

The battery has a clear LED display and you can also see the battery status of the adapter so you know when the battery needs to be recharged.


The built-in shutdown support also functions as a storage space.

Good mobility

With the swivel attachment point on the belt, the harness follows your shoulder movements so that you can always work in a comfortable and efficient manner.

Cable control

The harness has several attachment points, which means that the battery cable ends up in the best possible working position.

Removable support

Built-in support for easy removal on flat surfaces, during transport and during storage. Easy to remove.

Great protection

Solid protection enables tough work and daily stress.

Technical Data

Battery Capacity 31.1 Ah

Battery voltage 36 V

Weight 9.4 kg

Battery Li-Ion


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