New Kubota F251 Outfront Mower , New Kubota F-251 Out Front Rotary Mower

Deck Options: F251 + 60" Side Discharge Deck
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Kubota F251 is a front mower that performs its mowing tasks quickly and efficiently, the Kubota F-251 is the perfect choice. This machine offers enhanced performance as well as high-quality mowing and mulching. This results in an excellent power-to-cost ratio.

The Mower Deck Options are sold seperately


Kubota’s environmentally friendly diesel engines deliver powerful performance even when performing heavy-duty work.


The efficient dual-range HST hydrostatic transmission of the Kubota F-251 Outfront Mower's operated with just a single pedal.

Hydraulics, Linkage, Connectivity

With its high lifting capacity on the lower links and 2,545 rpm PTO, the Kubota F251 is highly versatile.

Seat/ Tyres

The Kubota F-251 Outfront Mower's high level of comfort starts with a deluxe high-back seat with four separate adjustments which include, weight control, lumbar support, back angle and arm rets. This is to provide every operator with a cusyom fit and optimum comfort.

Mower Deck

The Kubota F251 can be supplied with either a 60" rear discharge deck , or 60" / 54" side discharge deck

Long grass is no problem for this side- discharge Kubota F-251 Outfront Mower professional side discharge deck. Its 5.5′ deep deck design lets tall grass stand up so that it can be cut more efficiently. This results in a faster cut and cleaner appearance.

Kubota F251 Mower model uses a powerful three-cylinder 1123cc Kubota diesel engine, The Kubota F-251 complies with the most recent EU Stage V emissions directive, while delivering 25hp for increased productivity.

A highly efficient two-range HST transmission offers on demand four-wheel drive (4WD) with the capability of selecting permanent 4WD.

Kubota F-251 model will also see the introduction of newly designed 1.52m (60in) side and rear discharge mowing decks with improved cutting quality. Both new decks for the Kubota F251 mower have optional mulch kits available which offer a high-quality finish. All of the controls on the Kubota F251mower are perfectly positioned, and the instrument panel is clear and easy to read in all light conditions, making work easier and quicker. Operators can set the adjustable steering wheel to the position that suits them best for comfort and convenience, and the Kubota F-251 is equipped with LED headlights for optimum visibility and as a key safety feature. To add extra reliability, the  Kubota F251rotary mower decks are equipped with puncture-proof tyres and for ease of maintenance, the engine cowling can be fully opened, and blades are quick to replace. It has also been designed for easy transportation, with tie down points at the front and rear for reliable and secure anchoring when transported on a trailer.

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