Segway Navimow H1500E UP TO 1500m²

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Innovative functionality characterises the Segway Navimow Robotic Lawnmower H1500E. In contrast to comparable items, the robot lawn mower no longer requires a boundary wire due to its GPS functionality. The device is accessible and controllable from any location. The H1500E allows for the fully automated mowing of wide lawns.

Segway’s latest Navimow line includes the Segway Navimow Robotic Lawnmower H1500E. With a 7.8 Ah battery, the robot is designed for lawns up to 1,500 square metres in size.

Using Navimow robots no longer necessitates the installation of boundary cables due to revolutionary technology. The 4G module offers a fully automatic 5G connection, eliminating the need for a WLAN connection. This permits control of the robot at any time and from any location.

Using the EFLS (Exact Fusion Locating System), the robot can pinpoint its position in the garden to within 2 centimetres. With Navimow models, mowing is also simpler and more efficient than ever before. Because, before to mowing, the robot calculates the area to be mowed and creates a preset route. The robot lawn mower mows your landscape in a methodical manner, resulting in a nice, equal cut.

The robotic lawnmower not only follows the paths efficiently, but also uses the Frequent Soft Cut System to ensure that the grass is cut uniformly from above (FCFS). This accomplishes the specified cutting height across the entire area mowed.

With an intuitive control panel, these robotic lawnmowers are meant to be user-friendly and simple to set up and run. It also has a number of safety measures, including an anti-collision system and a tilt sensor to prevent it from toppling over.

Additionally, the mower is fitted with an anti-theft alarm and a PIN code lock, so you can rest assured that your lawn is protected from unauthorised access.

The robotic lawnmowers from Navimow also provide a variety of convenience features, such as an automatic charging system and a timer that allows you to programme the mower’s start and stop times. In addition, they contain a rain sensor that instantly stops the mower when it detects rain, preventing damage.


Work Zone: This model of Segway mower has a cutting surface of up to 1,500 m2 and can efficiently and quickly mow huge lawns.

Cutting Height: With a cutting height range of 20mm to 65mm.s, the Navimow H1500E robotic lawn mower gives users a number of mowing options for their grass.

Cutting Width: The deck is constructed with a 21cm cutting width.

Battery Power: The H1500E can mow large areas on a single charge, eliminating the need for recharging.

Navigation: With its advanced navigation system, the Segway Navimow can go past obstacles and cross difficult terrain.

Auto Mowing: This robotic lawnmower has the potential to automatically mow your lawn, so you do not need to be present.

Rain & Frost Sensor: The Navimow line of Segways is equipped with a frost rain sensor, so if it detects rain, it will immediately cease mowing.

Security: The Segway H1500E is also fitted with a theft protection mechanism, meaning that only authorised persons can operate it.

Quiet In Use: With an operating volume of about 54 decibels, this device is incredibly quiet (a)

VisionFence Technology Aboard: This new function uses advanced computer vision technology to detect and avoid obstacles in its path. It also uses infrared sensors to assess the boundaries of your lawn in order to know when to turn around and when to stop.

      Segway Navimow Features

      • Ultra-quiet operation at just 54 dB(a)
      • IPX6 water resistance to manage unwanted weather changes
      • Electric height adjustment deck between 30mm and 60 mm
      • Operation possible on gradients of up to 45%
      • Best possible lawn maintenance results
      • Optimal security through ultrasonic sensors
      • Sensors for both rain and frost
      • Cutting system featuring three blades
      • High quality Brushless motor

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