Stihl BGA60 AK SYSTEM Compact Cordless / Battery Blower (Shell only)

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The Stihl BGA60 is the most powerfull cordless blower available in the Stihl AK system. It is 60% more powerful than the BGA57, when in boost mode. 

The Stihl BGA60 is suitable for typical cleaning tasks such as the removal of dry leaves, grass, twigs. It is suitable for ambitious domestic use in larger gardens. This is a domestic use machine.

Key Features :

Boost Mode - In boost mode the powerful EC motor generate the same power and air speed as the BGA86, a professional AP system cordless blower. Use of the boost mode has a significate impact on battery runtime.

Infinitely Variable Trigger - to precise control - low power for blowing leaves on gravel and high power for blowing on grass.

Convenient tube length adjustment - similar mechanism to BGA200, no twisting required.

Round Nozzle with metal ring - protect against wear if scraped on ground.Can also be used occasionally to loosen material that may be stuck to the ground. Not compatible with flat nozzles.

Smart Connector - there is a dedicated position on the machine for the Stihl Smart Connector below the battery compartment, unobtrusive positioning. 


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