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Used Trimax Stealth S2 340 Rotary Finishing Mower. This Trimax s2340 3 point linkage mounted rotary mower is in good working order. 11ft 3" working width of cut. This Trimax S2340 rotary finising mower is ready to go to work. The Stealth Series 2 produces an impressive cut finish thanks to the downwing flotation, full width rollers and Trimax’s LazerBladez cutting system.The wings are hydraulically raised for road transport, but can also be raised whilst mowing, effectively giving three different cutting widths. Trimax’s unique CLAWS system allows the operator to suppress wing bounce, eliminating the scalloped ripple effect generated by some wing mowers when mowing at high speeds.If ease of maintenance is your priority, simple height adjustments, automatic belt tensioners and centralised grease points are typical examples. With construction proven to cope with real-world conditions (which are usually far tougher than a designers worst nightmare!), it keeps on performing when others expire.

This Machine needs a minimum of 55hp.

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