W20TS-01545 Kubota Road Light Kit Rear V2 for F90 series

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W20TS-01545  Kubota Road Kit Rear V2 for F90 series

Rear Lighting Kit for F2890 / F3090 / F3890 /  F251 (COMPATIBLE WITH GCD900P COLLECTOR) Order with W20TS00753

( W20TS00753 Kit Switch F80/F90 - NEEDED IF ORDERING W20TS00753 & W20TS00754 )

To make a complete lighting kit also order:

1 x W20TS-01578  Kubota Road Light Kit Front V2 for F90 series

1 x 6C222-75310  Beacon Switch

1 x R1401-53262 Light Switch

1 x 37410-55120  Combiation switch

1 x 6C080-30500  Combination Box

1 x K7561-62412  Relay

1 x 10mm LED Green Lights

Location: TOPM.E.01

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