70712-51140 / K5112-72730 Kubota Snap Ring

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70712-51140 / K5112-72730 Kubota Snap Ring to fit the following Kubota machines and Kubota decks: AM3300, F2000, RC40-42, RC40-G17R, RC40-GE, RC40-GR, RC44-42, RC44-GE, RC44LT(T1600H), RC48-62A, RC48-62H, RC48-62HR, RC48-62HR II, RC48-71HR, RC48-BR II, RC48-F19, RC48-G20(-S), RC48-G20R, RC54-24B-EC, RC54-B, RC54-F19, RC54-F30-EC, RC54-G20, RC60-21B, RC60-21R, RC60-24B-EC, RC60-24BR, RC60-27BR, RC60-35STRW, RC60-72,
RC60-72H, RC60-72HR, RC60-72HR II, RC60-82H, RC60-82HR, RC60-82HR II, RC60-B, RC60-BR II, RC60-F19, RC60-F20(F2000), RC60-F20R, RC60-F24/F24C, RC60-G20, RC60R-25B-EU, RC60R-30B-EU, RC60-ST(UK), RC60-STR,
RC72-B, RC72-F20(F2000), RC72-F24/F24C, RC72-F30-EC, RCB60-I, RCK48TGEC(TG1860), RCK54-24B-EC, RCK60-24B-EC, T1400H-UK EUROPE

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