7J277-36000 Kubota Skid Steer Headstock for Forend Loaders 7J273-36000

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7J277-36000 Kubota Skid Steer Headstock for Forend Loaders 7J273-36000

Fits Loader Model: LA514EC 

Quick Hitch Attachment 7J27336000  /  7J277-36000

Enables quick and easy changing of any front loader attachments EG buckets, bale spikes and pallet tines that have Skid steer Quick Hitch Brackets Fitted

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Kubota LA514 Loader Q/H Bucket

Kubota LA525 Loader Q/H Bucket

Kubota LA805EC Loader Q/H Bucket

Kubota LA714EC Loader Q/H Bucket

Kubota LA703EC Loader Q/H Bucket

Kubota Quick Attach Loader Frame, Kubota  Q/H Bucket

If you have a Kubota tractor with an LA514, LA524, LA525, LA555 and LA805 front end loader with a pin-on bucket and wish you could have a quick attach system so you could change attachments, this is the kit for you! It converts Kubota LA514, LA524, LA525, LA555 and LA805 loaders with pin-on buckets to allow the use of skid steer-compatible attachments. In other words, with this kit on the front of your tractor, any attachment that mounts to a skid loader can now mount to your tractor. It opens up a whole new world of versatility!

This kit does require changing the brackets on your loader bucket to quick attach, by cutting off the pin-style mounts and welding a new face plate on the bucket, which any welding shop should be able to complete. Once installed you’ll be able to effortlessly switch between front loader attachments and remove them if they’re in the way.

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