Dennis Razor Ultra 560 Bowling Green Mower

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Used Dennis Razor Ultra 560 Bowling Green Mower fully serviced,  The Razor Ultra 560 has been developed to specifically meet the demands of golf greens & tees, cricket pitches and bowling greens. The machine has a 560mm (22”) cutting width and incorporates many key features, 11 bladed cutting cylinder, ultra short wheelbase for undulating greens, tungsten tipped groomer, click height adjusters 

  • Compact handle design and simple to operate controls
  • Superbly Easy ‘pull back’ for accurate alignment of next run and easy to manoeuvre machine
  • Honda power – ultimate easy start long life engine with Q9 low noise low vibration technology
  • Easy ‘pull back’ for accurate alignment of next run

Razor Ultra 560 Specification

Razor Ultra 560
Cylinder 11 bladed
Cutting Width 560mm (22")
Height of Cut 3mm - 15mm
Cutter Performance 200 cuts/m (185 cuts/yd)
Dimensions L x W x H 910 x 823 x 1135mm
Weight 130kg
Engine (petrol) Honda GX 120

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