Husqvarna Rider R320X AWD Ride-on Mower

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Highly agile and flexible All-Wheel-Drive Rider, the 320X has easy-access controls, Turn Key Start, dual LED-lights, a softgrip steering wheel. Optional 103 or 112cm Combi cutting decks offering first-class BioClip® (mulching) and rear ejection cutting. Numerous attachments for a wide range of jobs. Equipped with an intuitive display, dual headlights and Bluetooth connectivity with which you easily monitor your rider with the Husqvarna Connect app. The R 320X AWD is delivered deckless and can be fitted with 103 and 112 cm Combi cutting decks.
R 420TsX AWD
HMI Display
The intuitive display communicates with the driver through visual symbols and warning sounds, assists in handling and gives real time data and warnings.
Rider 16 AWD
Front-mounted cutting deck
Front-mounted cutting deck for excellent accessability into corners and under bushes, park benches etc.
Rider 300-series
Comfortable driver's position
With a Rider you get safety, stability and traction on both flat grounds and hillsides. The Rider's low gravity centre contributes to extra good traction as well as a comfortable 'sit-in' feeling for the user.
Rider 200/300-series
External fuel cap
Thanks to the external fuel cap, you don't have to open the engine hood when taking on more fuel. The extra wide fuel tank opening makes refueling even easier.
Rider 300-series
Easy-access controls
Controls are easy accessible and designed for optimum user comfort.
R 213C
Easy-access cutting height lever
The cutting height lever is easy to reach from the driver’s seat, making it possible to do cutting height changes while mowing.
Combi cutting deck with BioClip® (mulching)
BioClip® (mulching) provides perhaps the best cutting result on the market on frequently cut areas. The grass is cut into fine pieces that quickly turn into fertiliser.
Four large wheels
16-inch wheels both front and back provide optimal riding comfort, great accessibility and less risk of damaging delicate surfaces.
R 112C, R 112C5
Engine behind driver
Thanks to the rear-mounted engine, you get better overview of the mowing and less noise and emissions in the driver’s area.
No Image Available
Pivoting support wheels
The cutting deck is equipped with pivoting wheels for extra smooth operation when making turns. The wheels also prevent damages to the lawn surface.
Easy access
The tilting hood and easy-access servicing points make maintenance and servicing easy.
Pivoting rear axle
The rear axle is pivoting to get maximum traction on the drive wheels and a smooth ride also on uneven surfaces.
Rider 200/300-series
Bottle holder
Convenient bottle holder for refreshments.
Husqvarna Rider R320X AWD, Husqvarna Rider 320XAWD, Husqvarna R320 X AWD, Husqvarna Rider R 320 X AWD

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