Husqvarna Technical Forest Helmet

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Newly designed, sturdy yet lightweight protective helmet with ear protection. The helmet can be adjusted in several ways to suit your particular needs. A new, innovative ventilation system generates a comfortable temperature for your head. The visor has been re-designed for better protection of your face and, above all, give you perfect visibility both when folded up or down. Hearing protection with FM radio is optional and a head lamp slot is integrated into the helmet.


SKU 585058401.



One hand ratchet

Allows the user to fast and easy adjust the size of the helmet with one hand, while wearing it.

Free view visor

The unique design provides a fully free vision with the visor in upper position.

Mesh ventilation system

A ventilation system with extra wide holes for comfortable head temperature. The holes are covered by a metal mesh to prevent dirt and water from passing through.

UV expire indicator

The helmet's protective capability decreases when exposed to UV light. (Sunlight). The UV expire indicator shows the current condition of the helmet and lets you know when it is time to replace it.


Reflective areas on all angles of the helmet. This to ensure that you are visible regardless of your position, while working under darker conditions.

6-point harness

A comfortable 6-point harness in textile for comfort and less pressure.

Etched visor

Etched visor to achieve low weight and low light reduction.

Hearing protectors adjustable sideways

Hearing protectors are adjustable sideways.

Hearing protectors adjustable vertically

Adjustable hearing protectors vertically.


Hearing protectors adjustable in Stand-by.

KWF Profi

This product is approved according to KWF Profi.

Technical Data


Approved for high temperature 50 °C

Approved for low temperature -40 °C

Pre-ventilated Yes

Visor requirements EN 1731


UV stabilized Yes

ABS plastic Yes


SNR 26 dB(A)


Date marking Yes

Pre-ventilated Yes

Replaceable lining Yes


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