Kubota B series D/A Hydraulic Valve , Kubota spool valve slice W24TS00706 - Kubota D/A Valve Kit W24TS-00842

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Kubota additional valve slice, Kubota D/A spool valve slice Standard  - Kubota  D/A Hydraulic Valve Kit W24TS-00842  /  W24TS-00074  /  W24TS00706

Fits most Kubota B series tractors E.g B2400, B2410, B2530, B2650 and others

Kubota  Spool Valve Slice to fit the below machines. 

  • B1830D-UK-F
  • B2230D-UK-F
  • B2230D-UK-C
  • B2230HDB-UK-F
  • B2230HDB-UK-C
  • B2530D-UK-F
  • B2530D-UK-C
  • B2530HDB-UK-F
  • B2530HDB-UK-C
  • B3030HDB-UK-F
  • B3030HDB-UK-C
  • B1830 V2 MANUAL
  • B2230HDB V2
  • B2530 V2 MANUAL
  • B2530HDB V2
  • B3030HDB V2
  • B2231
  • B2261
  • B2311

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