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This is a list of the trailers currently available from Kubota UK. GT1 Trailer 500KG GT2 Trailer 750 KG Extension Sides for GT1 & GT2 Trailers TT1 1.25T Tipping Trailer (Not BX) TT1-BX 1.25T Tipping Trailer (BX Only) TT1-B 1.25T Tipping Trailer, Braked (Not BX) Extension Sides for TT1 & TT1B Lighting Kit for TT1 & TT1B TT2 2T Tipping Trailer TT2-B 2T Tipping Trailer, Braked Extension Sides for TT2 & TT2-B Lighting Kit for TT2 & TT2-B TT3 3.5T Tipping Trailer TT4 3.5T Tipping Trailer c/w Brakes, Lights & Springs Prices start from £1400.00 + VAT.

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