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Roundup Pro Vantage 480 - MAPP no. 10320Roundup Weedkiller Pro Biactive 480 is a new total weed control that delivers all the performance benefits which have made Roundup Weed Killer Pro Biactive the choice for professionals across the UK.For complete control of annual and perennial grass and broad-leaved weeds.

The new Roundup weedkiller Pro Vantage 480 total weed control product contains 25% more glyphosate by volume than its Roundup Pro Biactive. As a result, each 5L can of Roundup Pro Vantage 480 total weed control will treat a significantly greater area, ensuring outstanding economy and reducing storage and handling demands.Roundup Pro Vantage 480 weedkiller Offers Better Performance

It Is formulated using the novel Biactivator technology, Roundup Pro Vantage 480 Weedkiller is a complete product that contains two adjuvants. Alone they offer excellent benefits, but in combination the synergistic effect of these two adjuvant partners ensures an outstanding perfomance.Retention, uptake and translocation are enhanced; so more glyphosate gets to the growing points providing superior long-term weed control. These Biactivators increase reliability over a vast range of applications and weather conditions, particularly rainfall. This unique formulation is protected by patents unlike most other adjuvants. No other glyphosate-based products contain this patented formulation.

Roundup Pro Vantage 480 Synergistic Activity Monsanto has used two adjuvants in a special combination to enhance the performance of Roundup Pro Biactive 450. They are:

    • A hydrophilic non-ionic humectant that extends the period of glyphosate uptake from the treated leaf.
    • A cationic Quaternary Ammonium Compound (QAC) which strongly binds to the leaf surface without damaging the plant cells allowing the active ingredient, glyphosate, to diffuse into the leaf with minimal stress to the plant. This ensures minimal glyphosate is locked up in the leaf ensuring maximum movement through the plant, boosting weed kill and improving reliability.

Roundup Pro Vantage 480 is Environment Friendly Besides providing superior control of a wide range of weeds, Roundup Pro Vantage 480 has been developed with commitment and concern for the environment firmly in mind. Roundup Pro Vantage 480 has been specially formulated to offer an enhanced standard of operator safety. It is not a hazardous substance as defined by COSHH, when used in accordance with the label, and it does not carry a hazard symbol. In the environment, it provides up to 100 fold improvement in safety to some of the most sensitive animal species, when compared to older glyphosate formulations. Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup Pro Biactive 450, controls weeds by blocking the plant's enzyme system. These enzymes, which are present in plants, do not occur in humans, animals, birds or fish. Hence, Roundup Pro Vantage 450 is safe to everything except green plants.

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