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The Overton SOB-75-HV Street Barrow combines the practicality of a conventional street orderly barrow with the efficiency of a vacuum unit. The machine comes complete with a 75mm vacuum unit allowing small material such as cigarette related litter and broken glass to be collected straight into the bin. It comes complete with a liner allowing the rubbish to be bagged. The street barrow has 2 90-litre bins with one open allowing the operator to collect larger rubbish either with a conventional litter stick or by using the suction of the vacuum.

If you have existing Glasdon Street barrows we can supply a 90-litre bin and vacuum unit to fit directly into your barrow, this is a 90-75-HV.

he SOB-75-HV Street Barrow has found its niche in town centre and urban areas as well as in hospitals and universities etc and gives a much greater level of cleaning than with a litter stick and brush, and also more efficient. With the small 75mm hose it is even possible to clean between kerb edges and parked cars

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