White De Icing Salt ( 25kg Bags ) winter snow control

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The most cost-effective winter de-icer. 

Peacock white de-icing salt is of the highest purity, enabling you to use less salt far more effectively. Ordinary brown salt contains a high percentage of insoluble impurities that create a muddy sludge that is tramped into cars and buildings costing time and money to clear up. After a winter season there is nothing to sweep up and no drains to be cleared. This de-icing salt is clean and leaves little or no residue on the ground / path / road.

This salt is carefully screened to produce the most effective spread pattern. This increases pedestrian safety and the working life of your equipment. The most effective way to use the de-icing salt is to spread it the night before a frost or snowfall, so that the frost/ snow melts on contact with the de-icing salt and can never freeze over.

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