Wood Bay Greens Iron 3000 Roller C/W Trailer

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Wood Bay Greens Iron Roller C/W Trailer reconditioned and ready for work.
Roll your greens to perfection with our greensIRON 3000 golf greens roller, top rated by golf course superintendents around the world. 

Greens Roller for Gold Clubs


IRON 3000 turf roller will raise the standard of your greens to Tour quality.

CONSISTENT, TOUR-QUALITY GREENS. Golfers will love the smooth putting surfaces achieved with the greensIRON 3000 turf roller. The greensIRON golf turf roller also has a light footprint, lighter than a person making a putt.
Load and unload in seconds.

LOW MAINTENANCE. The greensIRON 3000 golf roller has a very easy to maintain Honda motor. Servicing the greensIRON 3000 takes only minutes with four grease points.


This video shows the latest version of this machine in action

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